SND-B60 Dotted Diamond Powder for Diamond Tools and Geological Tools

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Dotted synthetic diamond powder is an as-grown diamond,  has a dotted or scratch diamond surface,  can improve the bond holding to the diamond, improve the cutting speed, reduce the cutting noise. Great for the application that bond cannot use the metal metallic coating.

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SND-B60 Dotted Diamond Powder For Diamond Tools And Geological Tools


1. Character of SND-B60


Dotted synthetic diamond SND-860 is an as grown industrial diamond powder, has a dotted or scratched diamond surface, can improve the bond holding to the diamond, improve the working efficiency, lower the cutting noise.

SND-B60 has a relatively low level impurities and completely regular shape, designed for medium and low grade diamond products such as large diameter saw blade segments, gang saw blades, concrete cutting blade, and some medium grade electroplate diamond tools.


2. Dotted Saw Grit Synthetic Diamond Powder Available Size

35/40 40/45 45/50 50/60 60/70 70/80 80/100

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